My position is for the responsibility there is for us

As it would show, my position is as a Christian and being primitivist. I write the things I do because it is in our interest to become self-sufficient and independent with respect to civilization, in balance with our immediate environment without coming to depleting it or drawing on more distant sources. This depletion currently happens in our world with the way most of us live.  There can be caring for the world God provides for us, it would involve choices with awareness for what is not harmful to the world in any way and it would be well for all to do it, it would be godly. God shows he cares for us, but in what we can take as his promises, there are no promises from him to preserve civilization as it is. Certainly not with it being without regard of destruction to the world’s natural order coming from it, as the world God made belongs to him. We are given responsibility for its continuance, from him.

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