Ideals in seeking the better way

People separate or separating  from civilization have been called “primitive” and there are also some that would avoid that term now, some may see in it a put-down. But I would say there is something good in embracing the term. It is suggesting what is foundational, and basic to the nature of a thing. What is basic to our human nature is desirable too, and that has no use for civilization. As harm to our world and in that to us comes from civilization and that always continuing with the nature of how civilization runs, alternatives to it are to be sought, and that is what some do. Being in a green movement with it involving  civilization still going on will not make enough positive change to overcome destructive harm that continues. Some may think being free from a governing rule may seem attractive for finding some beneficial solutions, but there are no examples from any society of civilization that shows how it can work. But there are examples showing how it can work from primitive people, separate from civilization.
How it has been done with living without being part of the system bringing harm to the world and many in it which comes with civilization has been shown, independent of governing bodies, but I would still say it should be pursued in godliness, godliness  is not something needing to be left behind in this, but it is something that can grow in doing things that are right as  this is, and so it is something for Christians that are sensitive to these things to join in doing cooperatively.
I will make changes ever more in such a direction, as it is right according to conscience, and in what is the natural design from the Creator, and encourage it for anyone else.  And it certainly can be done with a body of believers together.
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