Fleeing the harmful things that are done

What is Christian about separating from civilization?  Well, Christians are told in the scriptures to flee certain bad characteristics and not take part in them.  There is selfish ambition, possessiveness and materialism, destruction to the natural world that is from God with diminishing of resources on which we depend, and an honest look will show reason to see that what comes into the environment and atmosphere from what activity in civilization produces with its progress is changing world climates critically, for other life in this world as well as to our own kind.  It can be claimed God will intervene, but how would that excuse our living irresponsibly in staying with that kind of living?

As long as we are living with our taking part in it we are taking part in the problems which are caused, this is practically unavoidable.  The only real way to live otherwise, which I say is what would be right to do, is to depart from urban living or life connected with it, to making a home in natural environments, of course it may be done with others doing likewise as a small community, in a simple way that makes use of local materials without real harm to the environment where it would be located, and growing the food and what needed materials might be grown, in way in which natural farming could be best, and eating low on the food chain.  If all people everywhere would pursue things like this it would be more sustainable with harm to the world from us coming to an end, than anything that is the way it is now or any other way it will become.  God’s blessing can come on such responsible living, more than it might with living continuously with taking part in the problems especially with knowledge of it.  When his perfect reign would come, those who take part in the problems which are made will be held accountable and may have responsibilities given for cleaning up the greater mess that comes about with their participation.

Are we not told to flee the system that does wrong?  I will anyway, with land I am finding to live on with some others to live rightly, even in  godly living to pursue.

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4 Responses to Fleeing the harmful things that are done

  1. cheryl says:

    thanks for the positive oulook. seek other places like helpcup.org and good smaritan 9

    • Cheryl, comment with any more insight. There is call for a lot more for positive improvement.

    • Hi, I was gone from the blog for a good long while, with the difficulty I had with writing and posting, with using a forum for such communication, but I am back again, seeing the need for it. I know the times which are not so good are seeming to get worse. It is some indication that it is,time to get out of this which is becoming a mess for us. Let us leave then, we can come to be on land growing things, with which to support ourselves, living obediently before God, to trust God’s blessings. This would be needful when it is very hard to see others,doing so, and with destruction to God’s earth becoming so widespread. Keep communication for it open, such that we will come to such change very soon.

  2. I hope to have more positive things to say with the hopefulness in that, but this as in all things takes a critical look at what things are currently wrong, and what ills will come from them, with searching out how to make the best choices. Then of course the choices should be pursued. Thanks for suggestions of sites to look at.

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