Living subject to his will

It may sound cliche to speak of what God intends,, anybody can claim their own idea of what God intends.  But understanding that God is benevolent, his intentions in that case would be for more well-being generally.  Christianity having the Bible account has that understanding, with the inclusion of our responsibilities to him in that.  There must be betterment of well-being of others from our actions, and so also for the world we have been put in, it being created by God and belonging to him.  How it can be done would correspond to the natural arrangement, how it was originally made to be.  The natural world was complete, untainted by effects from humanity, and we were placed here in a position of taking care of it, as it still belongs to its maker, that is not us.  Civilization has got it wrong, always, from the beginning, raping the world for what civilization could get, to keep itself going, and to still grow.  When civilization went too far beyond its bounds, collapse would happen, and another society of civilization would grow on its place.  That is not in God’s intentions.

His kingdom is his rule, that would not be any rule from any of us.  It would involve his perfect plan for his creation, not a form of any civilization from us.  This kingdom of his perfect plan is what can be eternal, and he would make it so, not subject to collapse as any of our civilizations are, as they are not being subject freely to his perfect plan.  But living in stewardship with dliving only as we we need for us to live in our environment happily is a part of what is subject to his perfect plan, and is what he would protect with those who seek his way in doing that.

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