What is to be done for it

What would leaving to be independent of civilization entail?  Honestly there will be discovery through pursuing that.  But a lot can be planned for.  And there are those that have done that kind of thing before.  Having practicing Christians planning for this can make a real model.  With a certain number ready to pursue that with a location chosen carefully for it, however many desired but I think at least close to ten, but many more can be desirable for gaining attention of those in civilization to see viable alternatives, which are actually even better, they start bringing what would be most needed for starting off, and planting of a good variety of plants that are desirable for providing food.  Building with available materials can be planned for, and how tools can be made for use in the future  can be planned.  There are things to read for this.  I encourage looking up things on natural farming, and one book I have in mind is Better Off, by Eric Brende.

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