More to consider for effective betterment

Recycling or any of those things on an individual level will not change the alterations in climate enough alone. Civilization might (and this is a long stretch) all cooperatively change the effect on the world in lessening the harmful impact, but it will certainly not stop. Only those who move to living the sustainable way without more harm to their part of the world will be involved in a stop to the harmful impact, hopefully more coming to join in that alternative, while civilization, even if its harms are somehow decreased, is truly lessened in that by those who participate changing to the sustainable, efficient way of living. The harm from collapse is not desirable, certainly for Christians, but any of us preparing in this way make a kind of stability for those with which we can when it comes to happen. Truly trusting in providence is more justified in living right. I would not strive to end civilization, other than participating in contributing to the provision of such alternatives. Would not accomplishing such things be a concrete approach? Not lessening the good others do, but initiating this kind of alternative, that accounts for others in pursuing this, is what there is with the Christian perspective in what I seek among others.
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  1. Many will take steps toward betterment for the world. But with drastics steps being needed, without that the steps many take will not be enough to avoid coming disasters.

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