Justification for the communication for this pursuit

Why do I use sites on the internet for communication, when I seek and promote living in great simplicity for the pursuit of what is true godliness with respect toward God’s creation with sustainability and removing harm to it in what we do, which would come to living primitively?  I use communication this way knowing there needs to be change, and there must be communication, and I will need to share what I have to say, there is no more effective way available to me now for having it seen then using the internet, that the communication for it reaches more.  The primitive living to which it may come is not to do away with comforts, but these can be managed in more reasonable ways than the ways now done without regard to the harms done to God’s world that he provides for us.  With many seeing these, I can hope for changes to happen from it, with even that spreading further, to have this access no longer seeming so necessary to have people informed for the change that is needed.  But these sorts of communication could remain for a good long time, with maybe making this blog more accessible including with more promotion, as a testimony to more people, along with the positive changes that are made with the communication for it in godly pursuit. The change of course of which I speak involves stopping involvement with a system having harmful and destructive effects, which really is what comes of civilization.  There needs to be departure from civilization, which I promote for others in the Christian faith to pursue in godliness answering to God’s will.

What about your involvement? Can you justify your using your access, will it be for doing the same kind of things? Or do you want the internet communication continuing anyway, that it would not stop for having such goals with them being accomplished?

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