Coming to making plans

There is something wholesome about living as we were meant to live. Modern living in civilization is not that way of living. So much of it is artificial coming from the designs of humanity with what is available in modern civilization. It all is at great expense to the natural world, God’s creation, which keeps civilization going until something is too depleted. And with this humanity is well removed from what would be natural for humanity. And like any addiction, there is denial of what is the reality. And there is the expense of harm to exploited human people, and to huge numbers of animals, which all comes with this.

Change is desirable and in fact very needful. Human community can run smoothly enough apart from what is had from civilization, as it has from well before it. Civilized living with what is made available with it in fact detracts from community. Change that can be pursued does not have to involve a sudden losing of what any doing this would not know how to do without. With land acquired for it, a group seeking it could bring seeds and all they plan for what would be needed for growing all that could be for what they would want, and with other things also to be brought with them. Homes could be set up, however they want it, only with minimal effect on the environment according to the desire to live right without contributing further harm to this world in which we are placed. Independence is to grow as such a group develops their community, with growing skills according to need, with a goal of not ever being part of civilization again, being an example to others who have not learned of the possibilities, having the natural community that functions well without the civilization which has developed.

Of course, for all these things which can happen, there would necessarily be plenty of preparatory communication which has to be involved, just as there would be for what is natural in community.  I pursue this in communication I have with some now, and would like readers of this to join in communication for it.

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