Change is needed to avoid facing coming doom

There is thinking at the time of this writing among a good number that the end of this age is almost here.  This not good thinking with which there might be any good policies decided, not saying that this happens.  But great changes are needed in this world, that could conceivably come from making policies, if they are to be enforced, but this is not going to happen, with the selfish motives involved in all decisions with some immediate gratification, in which there is denial of problems coming from this in the future.  God only will able to help our world from facing doom that is coming to the world from civilization, with threatening its own future as well.  But will he help civilization in this scenario?  There are those seeking his will, to be obedient, from faith they have with the true gospel, to whom he will provide a way of deliverance.  But with not responding to living in a way to diminish harms to the world that belongs to its Maker why should there be expectation of deliverance?

We have prophecies of the final coming of Christ the promised Messiah, and there is yet much to still happen.  The world may be made worse ahead of prophesied great tribulations to come, and what we are doing now will have an effect on things we will go through, ahead of anything of which we are spared. This involves our responsibility.

There may be no greater thing to do with which to make changes to do away with our harms than doing what we can for it separated from civilization and so not take part in any of the harms from it.

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