Numbers involved good to know for the necessary planning

The search for land for the pursuit that there should be is involving thought of how much there will need to be, subject to how many will join in doing this together on such land.  I can try to plan it, but would rather hear from more that my come into discussion for it.  But I would not want to wait long for that.  If  there was already such land and then any more came to wanting to join in this, what land there is might not be so plentiful to provide the addition well.   Some extra land for some addition anticipated could be acquired, but it may be excess or not enough still for the actual numbers that come to this, it is not desirable to have too large a margin of difference.  Others wanting it elsewhere can have there own pursuits for it, though.  But the pursuit I have will be inclusive of godliness.

If still many might come into this communication yet, I still have a forum site that could handle it, but this could be for several locations for this kind of pursuit, even more than the site here.

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