Godliness means coming to necessary changes making a difference

Including godliness is most certainly the important thing.  It is not godly to do things or be in any activity, even with anything on which we depend, which contributes toward wrecking this world in any amount.  This world was made by God and it is his, we were put here with needing to be responsible with it.  Our civilization has failed miserably, and Christians generally are not showing responsibility in what they do or what they communicate, for these things.  There are exceptions, and communication here is to lead to do the most that we can do for it, a call to change our lives to be living completely with compatibility with our world, without harm, and this can only happen with many coming to the radical change with simple living apart from civilization and further depending only on what is low on the food chain for reasonable survival, not living without any comfort, but not depending on excesses for it, this will be with growing things for what is needed, with knowing that thankfully God provides, and knowing to submit to him, respecting what is his.

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