What started it?

Among Christians we might talk of the origin of things.  We can attribute the beginning of many things to God, amd rightly so.  We might come to bringing up civilization in such discussion.  And from where did civilization come?  It was not from God after all.  It was from humanity, and significantly, not a part of the original design, it indeed came about from humanity after the fall, the rebellion against God.  This would very well have much to do with the destructiveness from it.  God did not show approval for civilization as such, there was only call to submit to God’s kingdom.  Early on with civilization there was the tower of Babel, with the ambitious attrmpts with humanity at the time insisting to stay united in pursuits for their advance.  God stepped in to put an rnd to that.  That further pursuits as that were permitted with their separation was still without his support, and early civilizations were allowed to perish with all they were doing, God was specially supporting what amounts to his rule.  It is the only one that would work, he would have us know it.  With the current destructiveness, we should part with that to find the ways being in his rule.

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