Simple Living in Preparing

We do not have to push the purpose expressed with what the Bible says.  It is assumed from what was written.  Jesus Christ lived his ministry in this world without the modern excesses, as did every person in the Bible.  What would Christ say of society today.  He is indeed risen and living today.  He does not promote the materialism of the modern world that is at the expense  of the created world.  No one in the Bible needed that.  And it is ruining this world which is just what was warned with prophecy of coming judgment for it.

If a good number showed interest in this with following this, I would like the communication even with comments, there could be a common pursuit from it.  With enough, I even could use a forum that is in place for it, with this same name.  There should bemore communicating about these things, even with talking of godliness.  This simplicity is something others can agree with, for pursuing essential and necessary sustainability

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