In God’s will it is urgent

I thought of myself as being clear in what I mean with this, it might not be seen if all in the blog is not read, so things would then need to be repeated.  There is real urgency.  I could think that maybe it is too late for avoiding disaster with change that would be made, even though it would maybe not be too late to be prepared forit.  This direction I call for is preparing, as this is responsible in what we should do as far as that goes.  But real responsibility in living would be such simplicity with living as we should on the land that all in the world doing that would always be sustainable.  With that, only some doing this would not be enough to make living in this world sustainable to avoid coming disaster, but it could postpone it the more so the more in this world change to this, the sooner they do so.  So what I communicate is primitivist, as the name of the blog suggests.  There is spreading pollution ruining many environments, and over exploitation, and it continues with civilization, changed that those who do so make to have an effective difference will have to be drastic, it is the responsible thing to do.  And this responsibility is before God.  It was not the same issue throughout history, but with ruining this world, this is now something to really repent from and move out from, this means separate from civilization to live on the land as we should.  This is something I say as a Christian for Christians to do.

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