For what was warned, I need to do this, as would others

The prophets themselves spoke frequently and overwhelmingly of doom coming because of ungodliness, injustices, and harm and abuse being done.  There is this prophesied for the whole world.  There is not enough repentance from these kind of things to avoid that for the world.  But there is a remnant to be delivered from that, these are to be for the land of the living.  This biblical phrase is in contrast to the culture of death that is associated with our culture’s “progress” that leaves no hope for our future generations.  I will not take part in this mad death march, even for any hope of material comfort for my own self right now.  I am considering land for using to move to to grow food as needed without any harm being done, and I am talking to others to join me, to live this way to be having what is sustainable as much as possible, living in a godly way with that, with simplicity in proper humility, instead of excess in materialistic living.

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