Many are called, but

There should be many who come to transitioning to sensible living spoken of through this, in preparation for the severe difficulties that would come from civilization,  and in a sustainable way that would add nothing to what is contributing to the coming disasters.  This should with it being so sensible so as to be happening from many Christians if they are so sensible.  I can still search for any that are transitioning to that, but from looking around already I would say I am the one speaking up for this, to transition quickly to such a life, and I am ready to acquire land for it.  I have yet to see that any of you that would think about it would join to contribute to this better way of living in God’s world that he provided for us and many others to live in.  I still speak for a little while for this opportunity through this.  Then I probably could set up a website, and  leave a link to find it from here, maybe I could also be showing a way to contact me apart from through the internet, with it maybe becoming limited when the contact is more desirable, to come to what I have started, when there is still opportunity for that.

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