This is still a distinct approach

There are actually indeed some Christian communities that already form with rather rural living with making things themselves.  So what is wrong with those?  Nothing as such that I would bring up.  Such places would be doing much better in terms of what is being done and what should be done in this world.  Some of these might just be something really close to what I am thinking about with what I write.  But what I am proposing is what would be for the very best, growing food and fibers for all things that are needed in independence, and would be including Christianity with it, and it would be something for many more to be doing, which would work well if it were so.  This is to include not having anything that needs to be obtained from civilization, outside of this life of independence for several together in godly living separate from outside society, with what is produced being enough for a happy community involved with this;  this is what worked in the past, as it did in cases in Bible times.  Material things of modern civilization are not all entirely needed, a happy community involved together living this way can see that, or learn of it.  Of course there can be transition to this.

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