Lessons to learn for this are in scriptures

I try still with this, difficult as it is with my access.  There is no copying and pasting with it, and I do not manage to see all the screen, if the cursor does not stay where I type, I cannot put it back.  I will apparently need to continue the thoughts for this in separate text.  The tower of Babel being built was an actual occurrence, but it is also a metaphor.  Building the tower was the a pivotal event at the beginning of civilization, and it was in disobedience to Yahweh God.  It would not be attempted without leadership to keep it going, and it may be credited to the one known as Nimrod.  He was known as the Mighty Hunter.  With it being said that he was before Yahweh does not mean that he was serving him.  Rather, it is indicated that he set himself up against Yahweh, to have eminence in his place.  And with this humanity was to be united, through civilization that was then developed.  It was much as what is to come with the antichrist who will come to rule.  With it counter to God, God will not concede to just have it continue regardless.  With Christ coming, a new kingdom is announced, but it is not of this world, and it is God’s rule.  It is shown in types in various places in the Bible, before Christ came.  This is what will need continuation, as I have come as far as I ever manage with this access, but will still say I have spoken before of types with this as in the Sabbath and related things, and that I might start further with a mention of the Festival of Booths, which looks back to a life of primitive simplicity which was sufficient with God’s care, and remembered through Jewish history with growth with cities, when in earlier times there was godly living among God’s people who dwelt well in tents of simple construction with simple yet adequate technology.

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