To better explain the biblical suggestion

As Sabbath was without work for supporting one’s self with not even making a fire, the Festival of Booths pointed to the time before the people of Israel dwelled in cities of Canaan to their wanderings in the wilderness with the only provision for their food that which was the provision from God, and beyond that to pointing to what was continually a way of life for the patriarchs from whom they descended, in the times before they had come to seek their way in Egypt.  Civilization coming about against God’s will not only comes to bringing various destructive processes in our world, but it has allowed changes in the dynamics of how we have relationships with one another in human community.  Whereas from the beginning there was a great deal of face-to-face encounter between people, there has been an increasing tendency toward face-in-crowd encounters and more recently less physical encounter in relating to others.  Of course, this is with negative impact in relating with God as well.

I know that I basically get any to read any amount of this blog from those who are preparers, hopefully being Christian as well.  I would value my readers perceiving reasons for a primitivist approach further, that is, with being prepared with a coming collapse of what many of us rely on from civilization, we could see that civilization has not been better for all of us of humanity with how we should be living needing to be with ongoing sustainability.

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