Returning to give the call through this

I am coming back to this already, I am using different access to this, and now this is not in place of the forum site I mentioned, I choose to do this now because the issues need to be shared more widely with this call for any to come to such change, especially with any who are Christian believers seeing enough to do so to possibly join with me in the change to sustainable living in simplicity I will do with other believers in community on suitable land for it.

Faith in Jesus is actually empty, without repentance, which produces works, this is in the new testament gospel message, and a good number of believers understand that much.  Others saying they have Christian faith are understood then to have a faith in cheap grace.  Yet real repentance must lead to turning from any sin when any is understood to be sin.  It is all wrongs, and so all injustice is included.  With widening of love and compassion that should happen, responsiveness inclusive to ever more would come about, assuming this growth in Christ with repentance.  There is no call for it to remain with any limit at any point.  And yet seeing this in people remains rare.

If it truly grew to being unbounded it could be seen from such reaching it that all civilization is with social and environmental problems coming from it inclusive of virtually all excessive injustices, while the world is rapidly being ruined.  To effectively turn from involvement with it for having truly real betterment there needs to be the alternative found, with departure from such civilization with others who will help in this, with godly pursuit.  In that apart from civilization what is most sustainable without harm from it should come with the pursuit in building such community with such believers.

Our relationship also with animals along with our world’s environments needs to be rethought with newer perspective, with the expanding of inclusiveness in our caring.

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