What might it take?

I wonder if any that were looking at this blog when I used it earlier are seeing it now that I will post in it.  I could use the assurance with seeing any response, so that I can be sure communication I share is useful for something to come of it.  The most desirable is for me to see others who are Christian who communicate for joining together, even as a community, however large or small it would be, for the right way to have sustainability away from civilization where it would not be as possible.  This is needed, it would be with godliness, to depart from having part in ruining this world which comes from activities with civilization, and God would be favorable to believers with unity doing this, though God will ultimately intervene.  It will not go favorably with civilization, and those living with willingly being hurtful to this world will be held accountable, even as God’s timing with intervention will be to end this civilization, which with blasphemy will follow the antichrist beast that will lead all into the greatest corruption and harm, with all intolerance to any godliness.  God will come with judgment for that.  True believers are not subject to that.  But it is wrong even in God’s sight to remain involved in any way with what contributes at all to the destruction of our world, and we can know this is the direction where we are heading.  This item from Australians shows that they to see it, and with coming to this more I might show others saying such things.  But we can communicate and come to a better way to live, even as we should before God, that shouldn’t be sacrificed for us to still have access to what we see to be desirable, though it will keep us with living with what is so harmful, with our involvement, we can do better.


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