More Awareness Grows

This is a reality that more and more acknowledgement is being shown that troubles come with critical changes that are happening with human civilization facing great risk within a few decades.  Christian believers might do better with seeing the truth in this, rather than it is with generally from hearing their trusted Christian leadership that there is basis for denial of all that.  From this they don’t make any of the most needed changes in how they live, when great change in how people live is called for, for preparation but also for living in a way for less harm to anything or any others in the world, for less contribution to the critical changes, that with many changing in the right way it doesn’t have to come to the worst with the changes, and there can be less trouble from that.  The troubles coming are not a sign that Christ is about to return and deliver all of us who are believers from it.  Christ coming will be involved with coming judgment on unbelievers for the wickedness and the harm to this earth that there is, and first removing believers to not have them there under such judgment. But we have no basis to be delivered for our protection from the problems in this world that our presence and activity with our involvement with our civilization and our purchases contribute to.  The greatest change from such a way of living is really needed, and many should do what they can for such change, even in communication to join together for such change, with simple and if possible primitive living with sustainable provision for them, Christian believers especially should do what they might for this.

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