The right way

We should think more about needing to prepare for great crises coming, which will, more or less, it should really be with a sustainable way as far as possible, God is not removing believers from troubles in this world,, and most certainly not to remove any from those troubles that come from what they themselves are in involved with. So we should not stay with anything contributing at all to such problems. Believers will just be removed as they are not to be subject to judgment from God with they are delivered from, which is coming on the unrepentant of all the world. But this may be a long time away, we just don’t know, but we can expect all the troubles from such bad stewardship, along with other possible troubles, that are evident enough to come soon.  The way for us shown after the Fall, to live on the land with working and producing anything with our labor needed, is the way for us to continue, that won’t be with the harm that there is, in many ways, to environments and our own habitat in this world, God’s creation.

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