Those needing what they can’t make and those who need what they can make

There is certain resistance to change that may be explained with a reality that people are afraid to be themselves.  That might seem to be not real, as we think we know individuals who show they are not afraid to be themselves at all.  But what they show is with material possessions that they would not want to be without, this is how such are afraid to be themselves, as if they themselves are not enough, and the material possessions of our developed society with its industrial level is needed for smoothly being them. This is the artificiality to their identities, when it is substituting what they would be themselves without those things to depend on.  So people are afraid to live as themselves, and it is with unstated fear that they can’t make it or live well on their own with their abilities rather than with those material items.  It is not stable or with sustainability where individuals don’t have a clue how to make for themselves what they need to get by in their environment. The stable community that some can come to, which Christian believers should do, is the sustainability that is with simplicity in which the individuals in this can make it having knowledge for making things they need and have growing where they live what is needed for food and other things.

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