The Call in the Circumstances with Our Responsibility

It is good we are still here after plenty of bad or unwise things have been done from among humanity. We could be on borrowed time until an unwise direction in which we are heading does us in.
There isn’t assurance that the democratic vote will go the right way for some things such as global and environmental issues.
Rather than leaving such to political processes even with us taking part in that, it should not be dismissed that an individual’s changes can have significant effect. Christians generally need to become aware that responsible living for the sake of the the world’s environments of God’s creation should be understood and acted on, and not dismissed.  But at this time it is well beyond where we can do something substantial for such issues with token actions.  We can act for lessening the worsening conditions, if all did so there would be no worsening to the world’s environments still, but there are drastic changes needed, and called for, even with godliness.
Vehicles of any kind for personal use won’t work for this.  Use what is local over anything else as much as possible.  Grow what is needed, for food and such, as much as possible, avoid what has animal products and what comes from use of animals as completely as possible too.
There are the scriptures for showing such great changes are called for with regard to issues.
As Christians we should regard it as a religious and moral obligation and our commission to serve God and neighbor and the well-being of this world as well as we can with the tools available to us.
Finding any with shared beliefs that will join for such sustainable ways apart from the urban and civilized world with having suitable land will be the best approach, that more should do.
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