Differences with Sustainable Ways

Natural farming methods that I speak of might not really be understood.  There are those others knowing it is desirable to depart from civilization and be independent from it.  They still think of this working with living skills for hunting and gathering.  How many doing that will this world support?  It would not be enough to have that approach be more stable with sustainability.  There will need to be vegetation growing that is enough for nutritional needs and needed material items, for all people to be supported with this way, with the simpler way with that, which can be a primitive way, to not have any further harm to any life and any environments in this world, for that.

The natural farming methods are good for having it work the best, there does not need to be the production of complex tools, it is with the methods of Fukuoka who wrote about such approaches, and animals do not have to be used, there is a healthier and more sustainable way for us to keep living, and it can be with godliness that we are to come to.

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