The Design had the Provision for What We Needed

There was the design from our Maker in nature of this world being the provision for what we needed. So we ultimately turn against it with the civilization that we build, and this is to be thought a good thing, though it cannot be sustained?

The perfect way for us is not with the harms we have happening.  But it is for us who would change things for the better to live in the sustainable way with having the provision from nature be enough, with our care of what is needed and not doing things to have more that is ruinous to that.  So killing off wildlife cannot be a part of it, any more than using domesticated animals for such provision.  It would be simple living that would still be enough for us to live with, which can still be primitive living otherwise, and doing our part having things growing enough for what is needed.  The social life with others who think alike for this, believing things in common, being together for this while having all that provision with what we have growing will have it fully worthwhile like nothing that we would have in this world otherwise.

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