Not for us to be at ease

It is not popular to say such a thing as my message, yet being the truth, there is urgency for change, it is for us to make.  I have been watching what signs there are, and I could see how things would wind down with our own society collapsing under its growing problems, to which it contributes.  But now I see more clearly how close it is coming to that, there is more showing such being great risk to our society now.  So it is not well to be at ease as if our privileged position was going to still continue, as if this is sustainable enough.  Our very way of living, with being part of the civilization, is not sustainable, at all.  Those of us being Christian believers, continuing with this being sure God will deliver us as Christians anyway, are in deception, not departing from this system that has destruction to the natural world that is from God’s design, and is with compromise taking our own lives in with the wickedness that goes on, materialism, idolatry, over-sexualization, exploitation, and hurtfulness, with lack of real love or actual godliness.  We were to depart from this, with choosing not to, but to continue with it, any of us doing so are to be held accountable. We are then moving away from God’s will and won’t grow in godliness that we expect we will.  Pursuing what is sustainable, apart from that, is what is needed, these days more urgently, when we are shown this we should pursue what we see we can for that sustainability apart from civilization, and do so with other believers that willingly join for something for such sustainable pursuits.

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