What would be involved in what is called for is really possible, and indeed needed

There is work with farming “by the sweat of our brow”, even with the lighter work of natural farming that I promote with it, independent of the invasive labor intensive farming that has come to characterize modern civilization. With returning to the simplicity in living there will be with having what was provided for humanity seen in the Garden of Eden as the model, we are subject to that work in obedience, since that is with the fall we wait to be delivered from, which though almost any people in modern civilization do everything to remove themselves from. Civilization then is not going in a way that is submission to God’s will. But the farming work envisioned may discourage many people from such pursuit even though this that is discussed here is to use the Garden of Eden as the model, and natural farming without the need of the same implements as farming has come to involve otherwise is not as hard. It is to be growing things needed, where that will be among the natural environment there, as natural farming is not using plots for single crops, for a market. It will be sustainable subsistence.

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