There is a desirable way without destructiveness from our living

Our society is not like it was decades ago. Sure there is advancement in some things, that seem to be advantageous, but how much better is the society from that? And what is that all drawing from, that would have that continue without problems? Resources in our world are quickly diminishing, and environments are being destroyed all around us and around where we obtain anything, while it diminishes. Nothing done in our society is with any sustainable way. And we hear that word, sustainable, but those in this society who would change to act for that just do token changes that are inadequate for the issues, that will be insufficient. There is godliness in changing to not contribute to any harm to any of this world, for it belongs to God, and we are responsible. So a community is desirable in a place where we would live simply, with what we can provide for ourselves as a community, without disrupting any of our surrounding environments, and not depending on anything elsewhere, for the most sustainable way of all. It will be primitive living, but it will be right as the godly way we know we should live, without harm in this world from us. That is good stewardship we are called to.

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