What would come would be from our own choices, we may choose for something else

God could show God is so almighty as to strike civilization down, but for many people would it really be seen that God did it? I think probably not. But God won’t even need to strike civilization down. God won’t do so for cultural changes, or just anything we may fail in. But it really matters if there is great injustice or if we are destructive to this earth with what we do or with what choices we make. The Bible even has those passages for such, and for what would be faced with rising sealevel with the climate change, from what would be yet from our choices. Civilization will fall from this, such that God doesn’t need to strike civilization down. God would let us bring that about, while we go on showing we don’t care, with natural consequences from what we do. Civilization has fallen before that way. More is at stake when it happens still yet. We could still choose differently, if we would be still active for it.

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