Come to the most needed way of living

There is such a need for coming to the most sustainable way we can, as desirable as coming to be the most free society we can be is, if we all turn to having a hunter-gatherer structure, that will fail to be what is sustainable for us in this world. We must be using vegetation for our use, with the primitive level of simplicity that does not depend on environments that would be too much demand on them from all of us. This is about making the least demands, and we can find still more freedom in our relationships with each other.

I would think of some intentional community being needed, if there was such a one approaching the needed primitive level of simplicity for sustainability. But community building apart from civilization is needed, for the sake of lasting ways for people to be living. And people need to be compatible to be together for this, we should not have difficulties with our beliefs among others for that, certainly it is for Christian believers to be in community for it.

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