Destructiveness to be dealt with

There is a critical loss of wildlife, now a tiny fraction of wildlife that used to be there remains, and most of bird and mammal life now are the animals by the billions that are kept in horrible conditions for their shortened lives to be slaughtered for the preferences of many of us among people, though there is great suffering in health from it, while wildlife disappears. It is hardly God’s will for us. There is destructiveness to this world through that, along with other things of encroaching civilization. There is much we just have to change.

The eternity that will include the repentant redeemed has a lot of mystery to it that is not revealed for us. But it is restoration to what it should really be for us. Before that there are many years ahead of working on this world, that there will be recovery that there needs to be. It will be what we haven’t yet been doing.

If we live in the way that there is the call for us to do, now, with sustainability in the way it is not possible from living in civilization, we are living the responsible way that deals with what others who are not responsible that way though they say they are redeemed will have to work harder for to recover under Christ’s rule when he rules in this world, in the age of his return.

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