There should be no wait for the needed change, respond to that

With our society, there is total dettachment and alienation. Furthermore there is an end of this society with the unsustainable ways ahead, and there is blindness among all regarding that. It is very close already.

If we acknowledge it, there is need for people to come off from their reliance on petroleum and its products. It will come to be that people will necessarily face living more simply without what they have available to them up to now, with being in civilization which is facing great crises with that, with failing infrastructures that have cities collapsing in disorder, or in living away from civilization in simple ways with which there is stability, so there can be sustainability. This I want those I talk with seeing. 

Even Christian believers are almost all blinded, even with the position accepted that it is soon, it is meaning that they believe they will be taken from this earth soon, and there is no other concern. But they are wrong about it not meaning anything else. They will be here, we all will be, when things are collapsing in urbanized civilization, and the best thing we can be doing is moving to more sustainable ways without destructive harm hurting any of this earth, away from civilization that has that. God isn’t taking any of us from that. God will move believers out to not be where judgment comes on those in this world for their wickedness and destructiveness.

Christians should depart from here in urbanized civilization with such betterment ahead in our world, for what further godliness would be needed, with the simple living for it, with use of what is had growing there for that.

There should be community for such, to join together for the sustainable alternative, and the communication there to lead toward that. I am already talking about it, it is desirable to see others talk for this.

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