Issues such that we should not wait at all

A mutant bird flu 90 times deadlier than Covid-19 is ‘poised to emerge in humans’ from factory farming, a new report has warns. According to Viva!, the death rate of those infected by coronavirus is thought to be 0.66 percent. The death rate for those infected by a mutant H5N1 strain could be 60 percent. This equates to a H5N1 infection death rate 90.9 times higher.

7. Feral Consciousness, A Book on the Art of Life

There are real issues to this world, from our civilization, among them climate change is a critical one, and any loss in this world still is not helping us, and with not much time left we should make all the change we can, toward all the sustainable ways we can, now. We can do this truly effectively just with simple living away from and independent from civilization with things we have growing there, for subsistence. Doing what we can for effectiveness.

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