Takeaways from Nordic Food Day

Certainly the greatest change to being plant-based, which with avoiding processed food is healthiest, is the most sustainable.

Over the past three months, I have been working as an external consultant for the Nordic Food Policy Lab at the Nordic Council of Ministers, an intergovernmental organization promoting Nordic Cooperation. Two of my main tasks have been to provide strategic guidance for the internationalization strategy of the Lab and to develop and execute Nordic […]

via Seven takeaways from Nordic Food Day at COP23 — Sustainable Food Systems

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Come to the most needed way of living

There is such a need for coming to the most sustainable way we can, as desirable as coming to be the most free society we can be is, if we all turn to having a hunter-gatherer structure, that will fail to be what is sustainable for us in this world. We must be using vegetation for our use, with the primitive level of simplicity that does not depend on environments that would be too much demand on them from all of us. This is about making the least demands, and we can find still more freedom in our relationships with each other.

I would think of some intentional community being needed, if there was such a one approaching the needed primitive level of simplicity for sustainability. But community building apart from civilization is needed, for the sake of lasting ways for people to be living. And people need to be compatible to be together for this, we should not have difficulties with our beliefs among others for that, certainly it is for Christian believers to be in community for it.

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What would come would be from our own choices, we may choose for something else

God could show God is so almighty as to strike civilization down, but for many people would it really be seen that God did it? I think probably not. But God won’t even need to strike civilization down. God won’t do so for cultural changes, or just anything we may fail in. But it really matters if there is great injustice or if we are destructive to this earth with what we do or with what choices we make. The Bible even has those passages for such, and for what would be faced with rising sealevel with the climate change, from what would be yet from our choices. Civilization will fall from this, such that God doesn’t need to strike civilization down. God would let us bring that about, while we go on showing we don’t care, with natural consequences from what we do. Civilization has fallen before that way. More is at stake when it happens still yet. We could still choose differently, if we would be still active for it.

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There is a desirable way without destructiveness from our living

Our society is not like it was decades ago. Sure there is advancement in some things, that seem to be advantageous, but how much better is the society from that? And what is that all drawing from, that would have that continue without problems? Resources in our world are quickly diminishing, and environments are being destroyed all around us and around where we obtain anything, while it diminishes. Nothing done in our society is with any sustainable way. And we hear that word, sustainable, but those in this society who would change to act for that just do token changes that are inadequate for the issues, that will be insufficient. There is godliness in changing to not contribute to any harm to any of this world, for it belongs to God, and we are responsible. So a community is desirable in a place where we would live simply, with what we can provide for ourselves as a community, without disrupting any of our surrounding environments, and not depending on anything elsewhere, for the most sustainable way of all. It will be primitive living, but it will be right as the godly way we know we should live, without harm in this world from us. That is good stewardship we are called to.

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What would be involved in what is called for is really possible, and indeed needed

There is work with farming “by the sweat of our brow”, even with the lighter work of natural farming that I promote with it, independent of the invasive labor intensive farming that has come to characterize modern civilization. With returning to the simplicity in living there will be with having what was provided for humanity seen in the Garden of Eden as the model, we are subject to that work in obedience, since that is with the fall we wait to be delivered from, which though almost any people in modern civilization do everything to remove themselves from. Civilization then is not going in a way that is submission to God’s will. But the farming work envisioned may discourage many people from such pursuit even though this that is discussed here is to use the Garden of Eden as the model, and natural farming without the need of the same implements as farming has come to involve otherwise is not as hard. It is to be growing things needed, where that will be among the natural environment there, as natural farming is not using plots for single crops, for a market. It will be sustainable subsistence.

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Not for us to be at ease

It is not popular to say such a thing as my message, yet being the truth, there is urgency for change, it is for us to make.  I have been watching what signs there are, and I could see how things would wind down with our own society collapsing under its growing problems, to which it contributes.  But now I see more clearly how close it is coming to that, there is more showing such being great risk to our society now.  So it is not well to be at ease as if our privileged position was going to still continue, as if this is sustainable enough.  Our very way of living, with being part of the civilization, is not sustainable, at all.  Those of us being Christian believers, continuing with this being sure God will deliver us as Christians anyway, are in deception, not departing from this system that has destruction to the natural world that is from God’s design, and is with compromise taking our own lives in with the wickedness that goes on, materialism, idolatry, over-sexualization, exploitation, and hurtfulness, with lack of real love or actual godliness.  We were to depart from this, with choosing not to, but to continue with it, any of us doing so are to be held accountable. We are then moving away from God’s will and won’t grow in godliness that we expect we will.  Pursuing what is sustainable, apart from that, is what is needed, these days more urgently, when we are shown this we should pursue what we see we can for that sustainability apart from civilization, and do so with other believers that willingly join for something for such sustainable pursuits.

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More on Needed Changes, For Any of Us to Pursue with Others

There is need in this world for us to have a much more sustainable way for us to live here.  We don’t come to that without great change for us, which is needed.

The most sustainable for humanity is with farming for having more edible vegetation, not depending as much on animals, for such sustainable living, it is not the same as to have agriculture, as I have learned, and I avoid suggesting anything for agriculture. But there are ways without use of monocrops to not depend on pesticides and developed technology of civilization, with growing such vegetation among natural environments that are compatible, being more independent from needing such things from outside society.

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