Endtime scenario

  • Almost anyone disagrees about biblical prophecy. Fortunately the truth in eschatology is not included in the essential things that believers who follow Christ must believe in. But the things in the Bible said for what is to come do not dismiss humanity’s role in destructiveness to this earth, as many now do for their eschatology, as civilization, which is not going in a godly direction, is not endorsed by God, Genesis 11:1-9, and is destructive in this earth, studies show conclusively, and all civilization is subject to accountability for it, Revelation 11:18, and God gives no promise for provision for it to continue, Revelation 18:2-24.

The issues that there are with civilization are real, and it cannot go on. Wildlife is rapidly disappearing, from civilization’s use of animal agriculture, fish are diminishing in oceans from fishing, and resources will be used up, and ultimately infrastructures will collapse. We want a sustainable way in which we can continue. We might take things from civilization with us, but we just have to learn to be independent from civilization, to go on. So with foraging,  we really do need to be growing things, for produce we will use and materials that would be needed. Independence can be approached with it being for subsistence. Anything else is a personal choice beyond that but likely won’t be as sustainable.

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With what is needed in these circumstances

This is the anthropocene of measured chronology of this world, which will indicate that everything we know of this world, with its great diversity of life, will soon perish, unless many live as differently as they can. The stone ages were not so terrible, that people could not live well in a similar way. Without healing knowledge with use of useful vegetation, civilization which took us from that should be a source of medical provision, it owes us that. But differences must involve all things that would be more sustainable. All things that don’t include killing others off. And there are too many, for going back to live like the stone age people in all ways. We could have just as much simplicity with primitive living. But wildlife is quickly disappearing, and use of animal agriculture is among the most unsustainable things of civilization. Domestication should never have happened. So we should have things growing for what is needed, while having all the simple ways with which there is sustainability fully.

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Believing what was really said of consequences of what we were responsible for

I am a believer and I trust all the teaching in the Bible. I am however not going along with all that I hear from other Christians, or even all from pastors. I see things in the Bible myself that I don’t see others talk about. All of us who are believers, those who repent of wrongdoing in their lives with turning to Jesus and following him, are ultimately taken up to be with him before the unrepentant in the world have judgment from God for their rebellion with wickedness and destructiveness. I don’t think of that coming extremely soon. There isn’t basis in the Bible for the conclusion I hear from many that it would be so soon. We are all still around facing the music for how the world is going, with our choices involved. The very best we could do is live in godliness we should come to in Christ, with responsibility in how we live, even with all our choices.

Revelation 11:18 is relevant with seeing what is said for those destructive to this earth. If people are repenting of it they can yet be delivered from judgment for it. There are still consequences seen from what is contributed to the destructiveness. See Luke 21:25-26, on earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring, men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth; this scenario corresponds exactly to what would be expected from the warming of the global climate change. And God knew about it. Churches and the followers in them mostly do not want to follow the issue of climate change, or change anything for being responsible in living. This which is coming is not the judgment from God, which would come later on to unrepentant wicked and destructive in their rebellion. We all would see consequences, for some time, while it might not be as bad if many of us were changing how we live to have good stewardship to God’s creation, where we are. This change needs us to start living in the necessary sustainable ways in simplicity that is apart from civilization, which is not godly, with simple homes and having what we need from what we have growing where we are.

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Just asking, why do I promote for this alone?

I don’t have a mentor such that I would have a Christian who would gather Christian believers into a community there should be for believers, to follow. I am on my own making the call, though there is basis in the Bible, and warnings of what comes, that we don’t go along with the world, and would be separate for more godly ways. And we can’t do that with being a part of the way of living that is destructive in this world. There are others who are not Christian who will transition to being separate from civilization. But I see I or any Christian believer should not be separate from other Christian believers, so joining with such others is not what I or any such Christian should think about. Why aren’t other Christians I can find even considering such separation from this ungodly destructive civilization, to live right in sustainable ways with simplicity with the needed stewardship the dominion to this world should have, instead of remaining with that connection to such civilization with their materialism that is linked to the destructiveness to this world?

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Community that is to be desired

There is sense in a community made available apart from civilization with sustainability starting on a small scale. It can be from Christians joining for their community for this. I think it would be significantly less than twenty persons first coming onto the land for this at first, and there would surely be a number of steps first before they do this with being ready for it, with knowing their common goals, with approaches for that understood among  those persons, and it would not grow to be too big for sustainable ways in the one place. Choosing what is better for health, environment, animals kept or wild, with sustainability in living continuing here, is to be desired.

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There should be no wait for the needed change, respond to that

With our society, there is total dettachment and alienation. Furthermore there is an end of this society with the unsustainable ways ahead, and there is blindness among all regarding that. It is very close already.

If we acknowledge it, there is need for people to come off from their reliance on petroleum and its products. It will come to be that people will necessarily face living more simply without what they have available to them up to now, with being in civilization which is facing great crises with that, with failing infrastructures that have cities collapsing in disorder, or in living away from civilization in simple ways with which there is stability, so there can be sustainability. This I want those I talk with seeing. 

Even Christian believers are almost all blinded, even with the position accepted that it is soon, it is meaning that they believe they will be taken from this earth soon, and there is no other concern. But they are wrong about it not meaning anything else. They will be here, we all will be, when things are collapsing in urbanized civilization, and the best thing we can be doing is moving to more sustainable ways without destructive harm hurting any of this earth, away from civilization that has that. God isn’t taking any of us from that. God will move believers out to not be where judgment comes on those in this world for their wickedness and destructiveness.

Christians should depart from here in urbanized civilization with such betterment ahead in our world, for what further godliness would be needed, with the simple living for it, with use of what is had growing there for that.

There should be community for such, to join together for the sustainable alternative, and the communication there to lead toward that. I am already talking about it, it is desirable to see others talk for this.

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Choose better than the way which ruins this world

This world quickly worsens as civilization remains here with the demands of those in it that take too much from this world leaving a ruined mess. We have choice still not to take part in that if we don’t just stay with this civilization but would leave it to go live in the sustainable way in the wild in the way this world can handle the people doing instead of continuing how they will live in civilization. God meant for us to live in such a right way with care towards the world, without ruinous destructiveness to any of it.

Those God has left in this world in the coming reign of Christ, who had responsibility with their choices toward the mess here I am fully sure will be made to be as janitors cleaning up the mess then.

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