More on Needed Changes, For Any of Us to Pursue with Others

There is need in this world for us to have a much more sustainable way for us to live here.  We don’t come to that without great change for us, which is needed.

The most sustainable for humanity is with farming for having more edible vegetation, not depending as much on animals, for such sustainable living, it is not the same as to have agriculture, as I have learned, and I avoid suggesting anything for agriculture. But there are ways without use of monocrops to not depend on pesticides and developed technology of civilization, with growing such vegetation among natural environments that are compatible, being more independent from needing such things from outside society.

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The Design had the Provision for What We Needed

There was the design from our Maker in nature of this world being the provision for what we needed. So we ultimately turn against it with the civilization that we build, and this is to be thought a good thing, though it cannot be sustained?

The perfect way for us is not with the harms we have happening.  But it is for us who would change things for the better to live in the sustainable way with having the provision from nature be enough, with our care of what is needed and not doing things to have more that is ruinous to that.  So killing off wildlife cannot be a part of it, any more than using domesticated animals for such provision.  It would be simple living that would still be enough for us to live with, which can still be primitive living otherwise, and doing our part having things growing enough for what is needed.  The social life with others who think alike for this, believing things in common, being together for this while having all that provision with what we have growing will have it fully worthwhile like nothing that we would have in this world otherwise.

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Differences with Sustainable Ways

Natural farming methods that I speak of might not really be understood.  There are those others knowing it is desirable to depart from civilization and be independent from it.  They still think of this working with living skills for hunting and gathering.  How many doing that will this world support?  It would not be enough to have that approach be more stable with sustainability.  There will need to be vegetation growing that is enough for nutritional needs and needed material items, for all people to be supported with this way, with the simpler way with that, which can be a primitive way, to not have any further harm to any life and any environments in this world, for that.

The natural farming methods are good for having it work the best, there does not need to be the production of complex tools, it is with the methods of Fukuoka who wrote about such approaches, and animals do not have to be used, there is a healthier and more sustainable way for us to keep living, and it can be with godliness that we are to come to.

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The call is for us to do the most

The forum site for the communication for this is frustrating yet, with it not letting me use the same account, I have yet made new ones. At this point it is used only for this story from me that I share, and I might not do more than going to a certain point with it, as I think now.

We need to do the most for sustainable living that we can come to with godliness. Anything less than such action for our world facing critical changes as it is will be just token differences.  This call is urgent as it is.  I would give it still where there can be responsiveness to it.

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The Call in the Circumstances with Our Responsibility

It is good we are still here after plenty of bad or unwise things have been done from among humanity. We could be on borrowed time until an unwise direction in which we are heading does us in.
There isn’t assurance that the democratic vote will go the right way for some things such as global and environmental issues.
Rather than leaving such to political processes even with us taking part in that, it should not be dismissed that an individual’s changes can have significant effect. Christians generally need to become aware that responsible living for the sake of the the world’s environments of God’s creation should be understood and acted on, and not dismissed.  But at this time it is well beyond where we can do something substantial for such issues with token actions.  We can act for lessening the worsening conditions, if all did so there would be no worsening to the world’s environments still, but there are drastic changes needed, and called for, even with godliness.
Vehicles of any kind for personal use won’t work for this.  Use what is local over anything else as much as possible.  Grow what is needed, for food and such, as much as possible, avoid what has animal products and what comes from use of animals as completely as possible too.
There are the scriptures for showing such great changes are called for with regard to issues.
As Christians we should regard it as a religious and moral obligation and our commission to serve God and neighbor and the well-being of this world as well as we can with the tools available to us.
Finding any with shared beliefs that will join for such sustainable ways apart from the urban and civilized world with having suitable land will be the best approach, that more should do.
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Judgment to come is separate from collapse that is near

Civilizations will be suffering collapse, it is not the same occasion as coming judgment, which is with justice.  Collapses of civilization may be about to happen, it is best to be free of them and living sustainably as should be done.  Judgment to come on the wickedness in living and destructiveness to this world may come still quite later.  God will give some time for those who would to live free and independently from civilization with the sustainable ways they should, in the very simple but healthy way it is possible.  The godly doing this will be kept separate whenever the judgment from God is coming, and will be blessed for the godliness and the sustainability that isn’t destructive in any way to the world’s environments.

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Christian message is of warning

Messaging through this is still communicating of Christianity and things of God.  Holy, holy, holy is God Almighty. It means for us we are with rebellion in this world with things we are doing in it, relative to this statement of God.  It will not last and judgment is coming, for what we persist in doing.  We can turn from such, but we really only do this when we eliminate our contributions to harm, to others and to any of this world.  Civilization persists in what leads to such harm, the way to move away from consequences coming for that is to depart from such and have an alternative way, with any others, such as us, for what is not with such harm, and is with sustainable living, this is needed with coming to godliness, and that can be had as is truly desirable with such change.

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