There should be more believers for this

There will be more voices as crises will increase, among Christians, even as there are just a few more apart from any Christianity, but when there will be those I am sure it would be too late, for what is needed, and how we should be living now. If I speak for this to others around who would join me in that I will be really happy, but still more should come to such change to sustainable ways, that would be of priority, if I see there are compatible people involved and that it will be with godliness.

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Living sustainably would be living without destructiveness and exploitation that happens with civilization

Through its history civilization grew and expanded, which continues to this day, with exploiting peoples, other creatures, environments, and resources, to the point that in most of the decades of the past century it has been affecting this world, seriously. It is destructive, certainly to all those, and it is with nothing sustainable for our living in this world, of God’s creation. To really live in a natural way as God meant for us would have us living differently, ways of sustainable living will work and living in the ways of those in the cities of civilization won’t work with that.

It is desirable for any of us who see this and will change to simple living which is the sustainable way, apart from civilization independently, to have community among a group for the stability from this sustainable way. Communication is needed among such of us for working toward that, without delays.

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We are the ones who need to change, for what is really needed

The level of impact from us matters. Elephants, wolves, and other animals in the wild, live in a balance, rather perfect in arrangement for a fallen and cursed world that this is. With our impact from civilization, the systems of the natural world are all threatened.

There are good ways to live sustainably apart from civilization, but with like-minded people to be in community together for it. It could be how people had generally lived for most of the time in this world, yet it could be with much more knowledge.

Without civilization, a few different communities could be in distances from each other that could be traveled. But a great enough distance from civilization is desirable for people, in communities preferably to being individuals on their own, to live being really independent of it. This independence should be with sustainable living, with what is needed in the environment and growing things, and not using more than that, and nothing would be needed with depending on interaction with any of civilization.

Turning to God is needed, but that would still need us coming to the sustainable way to live here according to stewardship assigned to us without living in ways contributing harm to this world from God’s creation. We can live that way, but we don’t with staying in civilization the way we live doing that.

Wolves and animals in the wild live in a balance in nature. Humanity has exceeded the bounds and is living with harm to environments. Wolves and the others in the wild have the balance that we don’t, they eat prey but can’t go beyond limits without negative impact on their own populations. Humans find, so far, they can produce more food, that some of them, among the privileged anyway, get, and have not quite come to the limit where it gets really serious. But our impact is greater, far less of wildlife exists still because of humanity’s activities. Being herbivorous would be much better. More plants are used, besides more water, land, and resources being used, for the animals raised and slaughtered for use by any among us.

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Back again to speak for the needed change

I know I have been away from this a long while. I still think about the same things that are needed, that doesn’t change. Coming to this communication without problems is an issue though. I am rather accepting of that. There is simplicity in living needed, that I intend to come to. With that ever accomplished, which I intend to have in a sustainable way with others involved, in Christian fellowship in our work together for that, this way of electronic communication won’t be something to involve me much anymore, just once in a while to spread that word, with information left for how we can be joined.

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Takeaways from Nordic Food Day

Certainly the greatest change to being plant-based, which with avoiding processed food is healthiest, is the most sustainable.

Over the past three months, I have been working as an external consultant for the Nordic Food Policy Lab at the Nordic Council of Ministers, an intergovernmental organization promoting Nordic Cooperation. Two of my main tasks have been to provide strategic guidance for the internationalization strategy of the Lab and to develop and execute Nordic […]

via Seven takeaways from Nordic Food Day at COP23 — Sustainable Food Systems

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Come to the most needed way of living

There is such a need for coming to the most sustainable way we can, as desirable as coming to be the most free society we can be is, if we all turn to having a hunter-gatherer structure, that will fail to be what is sustainable for us in this world. We must be using vegetation for our use, with the primitive level of simplicity that does not depend on environments that would be too much demand on them from all of us. This is about making the least demands, and we can find still more freedom in our relationships with each other.

I would think of some intentional community being needed, if there was such a one approaching the needed primitive level of simplicity for sustainability. But community building apart from civilization is needed, for the sake of lasting ways for people to be living. And people need to be compatible to be together for this, we should not have difficulties with our beliefs among others for that, certainly it is for Christian believers to be in community for it.

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What would come would be from our own choices, we may choose for something else

God could show God is so almighty as to strike civilization down, but for many people would it really be seen that God did it? I think probably not. But God won’t even need to strike civilization down. God won’t do so for cultural changes, or just anything we may fail in. But it really matters if there is great injustice or if we are destructive to this earth with what we do or with what choices we make. The Bible even has those passages for such, and for what would be faced with rising sealevel with the climate change, from what would be yet from our choices. Civilization will fall from this, such that God doesn’t need to strike civilization down. God would let us bring that about, while we go on showing we don’t care, with natural consequences from what we do. Civilization has fallen before that way. More is at stake when it happens still yet. We could still choose differently, if we would be still active for it.

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